Anitracks Media Pvt Ltd is a creative agency that specializes in animation. We are one stop shop from idea to finish in the field of 2D animation and have the capability to deliver animated products for company training, television commercials as well as entertainment products.
Within our portfolio of services, we offer –
1. Concept Creation :
a. Character concept.
Anitracks is capable of making characters with endearing personalities and accents to provide a unique flavor that distinguishes itself from whatever’s out there. We design characters that engage with the audience on an audio visual level allowing the design, mannerisms and voice type to come together to create a great character concept. Anitracks has capability for end to character concept creation lifecycle.
b. Story concept.
Anitracks believes in multi layered storytelling. Our story concepts begin By researching both the subject as well as the target audience. We then start by creating a story which essentially communicates the central theme through various manifestations of characters and their interaction with world around them. Our story writers are masters at ensuring art of attention grabbing while writing to convey a message.
2. Story & Script writing :
The Anitracks creative team has expertise in layered story telling. Our team of writers build a script with elements of humor, drama, action and adventure; balanced in optimal proportions. We clinically look at pacing of story to ensure we retain the audience’s attention throughout.
3. Animatic & Storyboarding Team :
Anitracks animatic team comprises of screen play designers who bring their Playwriting and animation conceptualization capability to work with scripts and convert them into a beautiful, elegant visual concept for execution into an Animation.
This process involves 2 steps, the first being story boarding which is the creation of key scenes, and the second being animatics, which is reel that allows the animation team and script writers to visualize how the scene will be executed.
This two stepped process allows the customer to have a clear idea and feel of the product. This step also allows them to provide feedback and make essential changes in terms of script, screenplay, props and other elements rather than doing the same during the more expensive production process.
4. Animation Production :
Anitracks production team is a tool agnostic creative team which has its specialty in class cell, flash and harmony production lines allowing us to use the tool best suited to execute any production flow while staying under the budget.
5. Sound Effects & Background Score Creation :
Anitracks has in-house audio studio with talented music composers who Worked on several Indian and international projects. Like the classical approach, the Anitracks sound team gets into the pre production process allowing  the music to be created parallel to the script and screenplay leading to much more cohesive and satisfying final experience.
6. Voice Acting Capability :
Anitracks has relationship with brilliant voice talents who work extensively with our script teams in order to execute the personalities of our character concepts. We work with various recording studios in Mumbai to record sounds which bring the onscreen character to life.
7. Transliteration :
Anitracks  has also teamed up with Nexgen to bring a strong transliteration capability to our content. This allows our team to make finer adjustment to our animatic at time of design making it scalable in multiple languages.
Transliteration ensures that the content and its sensibilities both are adjusted to the new geography.We though specialize in 2D animation the first three service offerings can also be blended with 3D animation and live action production teams.
Though we specialize in 2D animation, the first three service offerings can also be blended with 3D animation and live action production teams.
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