The Age Of Lions

  • The Age Of Lions

    Story of 2 teenagers growing up in the civil war torn Mauryan empire of India in 273 B.C. Their life starts to unravel as we they are forced to escape out of their village and embark on journey to find their origins. Unknown to them , destiny has fated them to play a critical part in the building the future of crisis ridden Mauryans. This though would come on great personal costs. Join us on the journey through their lives in “The Age of Lions” on a TV screen near you.

  • Ashoka

    Born to political marriage of King Bindusara and Brahmin Queen Dhamma prince Ashoka has grown up out of favor from his father. To prove his mettle as warrior he rose to become an able general of Bindusara’s expedition to Karnataka and successfully quelled rebel of Taxila. Ashoka’s warrior might has made him the hero of the Mauryan masses. Once a dashing prince and now Governor of Ujjaini he is guarded by very loyal friends of his mother who keep him grounded.

  • Brigadier Thukran

    Brigadier Thukran use to be a General in Sakan army before he was humbled in field of battle by Shome who led the Chandra Gupta’s campaign against the Sakan Nation. He lost his honor in the field of battle and also his loved one’s as aftermath. Thukran is a survivor who joined Mauryan army post annexation and now rose to rank of Brigadier but he seeks vengeance for the dishonor in field of battle.

  • Drishti

    A village girl with lot of courage and stubborn temper Drishti is apple of every one’s eye in the small village of outskirts of Maurya empire. She along with her buddy Prakharhave already enjoyed a lot of success against the local menace of mountain raiders and wild animals. Fiercely competitive but soft hearted she longs for her parents and protective about her friends. Unknown to her, she is been taught strong marshal skills by a legendary master warrior.

  • Prajakta

    Ascetic monk who once was part elite forces of Mauryan Army . Prajakta is an enlightened Ajaivik who has ability to keep in touch with surroundings allow her to sense things before they happen. She is also teacher to Prakhar and Drishti and taught them virtues of warrior and science behind the world and life. Though now a past her marshal life Prajakta still belongs to mysterious cult which is at play determined to ascertain the future of Maurya is in safe hands.

  • Prakhar

    Growing up in outskirt village of Mauryan empire. Prakhar is a happy go lucky teenager who likes to blend into his surroundings. He is laid back and a notorious prankster. He always teased because of his very different looks from other villagers due to his pale skin and blue eyes. He does not know who his mother or father are as he is brought up by village elder in idyllic surroundings. Unknown to him he is been trained in Marshal arts by a legendary master warrior and has a tiger cub Kaalu for his company.

  • Shome

    “Dadaa” to Prakhar and Drishti. Shome is the village elder who has been bringing both kids to become able soldiers. Behind a tough exterior Shome has a heart of gold and battle acumen of an old wolf. Once dreaded as “Yambhuja” Shome is now retired to remote village in Mauryan empire farming for livelihood and protecting his village from miscreants while training the two kids to become warriors.

  • Sushim

    Prince Sushima eldest son of King Bindusara and crown prince. A charmer and political deal maker who’s political acumen is only matched by his hatred for Ashoka. He won’t allow anyone to come and stand between him and his throne . He has plans in place to ensure that Ashoka’s popularity does not become a hindrance.

  • Story Story
  • Ashoka Ashoka
  • Brigadier Thukran Brigadier Thukran
  • Drishti Drishti
  • Prajakta Prajakta
  • Prakhar Prakhar
  • Shome Shome
  • Sushim Sushim



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